Advance Declaration of Holidays To Medical Colleges in AEBAS Module

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a stern warning to medical colleges regarding inconsistencies in Attendance Based Electronic Tracking System (AEBAS) data for faculty. It has issued a public notice calling for advance declaration of holidays to medical colleges in the AEBAS Module. This public notice was issued on June 13, 2024 and published on June 18, 2024.

NMC has observed that some medical institutions are retroactively adding details of faculty holidays and leaves, making AEBAS data unreliable.

It may be recalled that NMC previously issued guidelines on AEBAS attendance marking for faculty. These guidelines require faculty to use AEBAS to record leaves, official duties, and vacations.

Additionally, colleges are mandated to input details of gazetted holidays and local administrative holidays in advance for the entire calendar year/semester.

The NMC is now reminding colleges to strictly adhere to these guidelines. It has stated that retroactive updates to AEBAS data for holidays, leaves, and vacations are strictly prohibited. Any failure to comply with these guidelines may result in serious action against the medical college.

Importance of Accurate Data

Accurate AEBAS data is crucial for monitoring faculty attendance and ensuring adherence to teaching requirements.

Reliable data is essential for maintaining quality medical education standards.

Action by Medical Colleges

Medical colleges must prioritize accurate and timely AEBAS data entry. They should establish clear procedures for faculty to record leaves and vacations in advance. Advance planning for holidays and vacations is now mandatory.


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