Central Electricity Authority Appoints Bid-Process Coordinator for Power Grid Project

The National Committee on Transmission (NCT), headed by the Chairperson of the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), has appointed a Bid-Process Coordinator (BPC) to oversee bids for a power grid strengthening project. This notification was published on June 18, 2024.

Transmission Scheme Details

The scheme aims to facilitate the evacuation of power from the Bhadla/ Bikaner region. It involves:

  1. Construction of a new 400 kV d/c transmission line between Bareilly (765/400 kV) and Bareilly (PG).
  2. Upgradation of the existing 765/400 kV substation at Bareilly (765/400 kV) with an additional 1500 MVA transformer.

Implementation Timeline

The project is expected to be completed within 18 months from the date the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is transferred.

Appointed BPC

Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC) has been selected as the BPC for this project. The appointment of PFC as BPC is subject to the conditions outlined in the bidding guidelines.

The NCT has the authority to appoint BPCs based on guidelines for tariff-based competitive bidding in transmission services.

Detailed project information can be found in the minutes of the 19th NCT meeting and subsequent amendments.


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