DPIIT notifies Quality Control Order for ‘Flux Cored Solder Wire’

DPIIT has notified Flux Cored Solder Wire (Quality Control) Order, 2023 which includes a specific type of solder wire that has flux in the center of the wire. Without flux, wire solder would be difficult to use. It is used in soldering electronic components, automobiles, telecommunication and diverse engineering industries.

Soldering process, although sounds simple, is a critical process, where quality of flux cored solder wire is of paramount importance as any failure will impact quality and safety of the products soldered particularly in electronic and automobile industry. The implementation of the QCO for this product is crucial not only for safety of the consumers, but it will also improve the manufacturing quality standards in the country and curb the imports of sub-standard products into India.

In order to safeguard the domestic small/micro industries, ensure smooth implementation of the QCO and Ease of Doing Business, relaxations have been granted to small/micro industries as regards to timelines. Additional three months to Small units and Six months to micro units.


National Cooperative Policy

Government on 15.02.2023, has approved the Plan for strengthening cooperative movement in the country and deepening its reach up to the grassroots. The Plan envisages

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