Ensuring Timely Reimbursement for ESI Beneficiaries: A Call for Compliance

In the pursuit of efficient service delivery to Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) beneficiaries, it is crucial to highlight a recurring issue that demands our immediate attention. Referring back to our previous directive, as communicated in office letter No. U-16/51/7/2013-Med. III dated March 19, 2014, we underscored the importance of timely reimbursement claims. This notification was published on June 24, 2024.

The directive clearly outlined that claims labeled as time-barred due to the lack of awareness among IPs (insured persons) after March 31, 2014 would not be entertained. Despite these instructions, there remains a concerning trend where such claims continue to be forwarded to headquarters.

It is imperative to strictly adhere to Headquarters Circular No. U-16/51/7/2013-Med. III dated March 19, 2014, to prevent further discrepancies in this regard. Our commitment to effective governance and seamless service delivery hinges on compliance with these directives.