ESIC issues FAQ on Modified Insurance Medical Practitioner Scheme

ESI Corporation has issued FAQ on Modified Insurance Medical Practitioner (mIMP) Scheme). The FAQ clarifies the following:

  1. An IMP is a private Medical Practitioner who is registered with ESI to provide medical treatment to the Insured Person & their Family members against defined remuneration. The selected Private Medical Practitioner shall be henceforth known as the registered ‘Insurance Medical Practitioner’ for ESIC.
  2. He shall be free to continue with his private practice but shall have to offer cashless priority services to the attached IP or his family members.
  3. The IMP shall be selected based on the rebate he should offer on the upper ceiling limit is Rs.500/per IP Family / Year. He shall only provide consultation services and not required to carry out any lab test or distribute medicine against this remuneration.
  4. Non-attached IP or his family member may be treated as a non-IP or private patient. Also, the new concept of empaneled Chemist and empaneled Diagnostic Centre, hitherto not available in the old IMP Scheme shall be part of the mIMP scheme for cashless services.