FSSAI Issues Advisory On Unauthorized Use Of Liquid Nitrogen In Food Serving Establishments

The Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI) has observed unauthorized use of liquid nitrogen in restaurants, bars, and other food establishments to create visually appealing food items. Hence, an advisory has been issued on June 3, 2024 on this subject.

As per Appendix -A of Food Safety And Standards (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011, Nitrogen (INS 941) is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) additive, permitted for specific food categories such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables etc. Additionally, Appendix – C states that Liquid Nitrogen is permitted to be used in dairy products such as ice-cream for the technological function of contact freezing and cooling only.

However, FSSAI has observed that food business operators (FBOs) are illicitly using liquid nitrogen directly at the point of serving/plating. This is against the intended purpose/ technological use of the additive and is not allowed. FSSAI shall consider this as non-compliance by the food businesses.

The use of INS 941 in food products, by the addition of liquid nitrogen at the point of sale, is not covered in current food safety regulations. This practice is intended for technological use during food processing only. Any violation to this shall result in initiation of statutory action against the Food Businesses in accordance with FSS (Food Safety and Standards) Act, 2006 and rule / regulations made thereunder.