FSSAI Strengthens Measures to Remove Unsafe Food from Market

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued new directions to ensure the swift removal of unsafe food products from the market. The FSSAI has issued these directions on June 18, 2024.

The goal of these directions is to protect consumers from harmful food items. FSSAI is emphasizing stricter enforcement actions against Food Business Operators (FBOs) found selling unsafe food.

FSSAI has observed that State Food and Drug Authorities (FDAs) regularly collect food samples for testing. If a primary lab report finds a sample unsafe, the FSSAI directs Designated Officers (DOs) or Central Licensing Authorities (CLAs) must take the following immediate action:

  1. Prohibit Sale: The FBO must stop selling the unsafe product.
  2. Food Recall: A recall is initiated in the following situations:
    • The FBO appeals the initial report, and the referral lab also finds the food unsafe.
    • The FBO fails to appeal within the stipulated timeframe.

The FSSAI can order the FBO to recall the unsafe food and implement necessary measures under the Food Safety & Standards (Food Recall Procedure) Regulations, 2017.

Such timely removal of unsafe food products is vital for safeguarding public health. Additionally, these also measures serve to deter FBOs from selling potentially harmful food items.