Govt. of Tamil Nadu Enhances Rates of Contribution to the Labour Welfare Fund

The Government of Tamil Nadu issued a notification to further amend the Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund Rules, 1973. The notification was issued by the Labour Welfare and Skill Development Department of the Government on 2nd December, 2022. This shall come into force on 2nd December, 2022.

The amendments enhances the rate of contributions to the labour welfare fund. According to the present amendment, every employee shall contribute Rs. 20 per year to the labour welfare fund. The government shall also contribute to the fund, Rs. 20 per year in respect of each such employee. Every employer will contribute to the fund Rs. 40 per year in respect of each employee.


National Cooperative Policy

Government on 15.02.2023, has approved the Plan for strengthening cooperative movement in the country and deepening its reach up to the grassroots. The Plan envisages

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