Jharkhand declares the Consumer Price Index Number for Scheduled Employments

The Governor of Jharkhand has issued a notification declaring the the consumer price index number applicable to the employees employed in schedule employments.

The consumer price index number has been declared for the month July 2022 up to December, 2022.

The rates of variable dearness allowance will be based on the average of all India Consumer Price Index on which the minimum rates of wages have been fixed/revised in the schedule employments.

There will be increase or decrease in rates of wages with rise or fall of the consumer price index and will be deemed as variable dearness allowance component.

But even if index falls below the points on which minimum rates of wages had been fixed/revised, there will not be any reduction in the minimum wages fixed/revised.

The payment of variable dearness allowance on the basis of average Consumer Price Index of July-December, 2022, which is 2nd half of 2022, will be payable from 1st April, 2023.


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