Jharkhand Government Updates On Vehicles Registration under Bharat (BH) Series.

The Jharkhand Government issued a notification regarding the implementation of the Central Motor Vehicles (20th Amendment) Rules, 2021, and the Central Motor Vehicles (23rd Amendment) Rules, 2022, aimed at facilitating the transfer of vehicles across India. This notification was issued on June 7, 2024.

A new BH series/ Bharat Series or BH Number Plate Registration Number has been introduced for non transport vehicles The BH Series number plate removes the obligation of transferring vehicle registration after moving from one state to the other. This vehicle registration facility under Bharat series (BH-series) will be available on a voluntary basis to Defence personnel, employees of Central Government/ State Governments/ Central/ State Public Sector Undertakings and private sector companies/organizations, which have their offices in four or more States/Union territories.

Private sector applicants must submit Form 60, while government employees must provide an official identity card or service certificate. The registration mark for vehicles under the BH series is detailed and consists of a four-digit number followed by a two-letter code, excluding “I” and “O,” and the letters “BH.”

The registration authority (District Transport Officer) will verify the Form 60 or Officer Identity Card before issuing the registration randomly. Toll payments are required at the time of registration in the BH series and vehicle owners registered in the BH series who are transferred to Jharkhand must inform the registration officer of their residence within 30 days using Form-33 and continue toll payments for
operation in Jharkhand.

Complaints can be filed with the registration officer for eligible vehicles for the BH series. Registration in the BH series is optional. The notification comes into effect from the date of publication in the Jharkhand Gazette.