Karnataka Government Mandates Public Display Of KPME Registration And Establishment Details

The Karnataka Government issued a circular regarding the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment (KPME) registration number, name of the establishment and the name of the owner in front of private medical establishments. This circular was dated June 6, 2024.

All Private medical establishments registered under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act, 2007 must prominently display their owners/ managers names, KPME registration certificate, and system of medicine practiced for public information.

The government has taken cognizance of a few unauthorized establishments offering non-classified treatments including traditional systems, vamshaparamparika, home remedies, cupping therapy, body massage etc.

Therefore, it has instructed all District Health and Family Welfare Officers (DH&FWOs) to direct all private medical facilities to install a separate board in front of their location. The board must meet the minimum dimensions, information, and background colour specified (Allopathy – Sky Blue and Ayurveda – Light Green) to make it useful for patients and the public to quickly identify the medical system being practiced in private facilities.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

If any private medical establishment fails to comply with the aforementioned instruction, the DH&FWOs are directed to initiate statutory action against such establishments.

Compliance Reports

The Authorized officers (Taluk Health Officers and Inspection Officers) of KPME are directed to submit a compliance report to District Health and Family Welfare officers. Also, DH&FWOs are instructed to submit a consolidated statistical compliance report on the installation of boards by private medical establishments to the Commissionerate via email (dd2medical@gmail.com) by July 31, 2024, without fail.


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