MPERC introduces revised Fees, Fines, and Charges payable to the Commission

The Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has revised the MPERC (Fees, Fines and Charges) (Revision-I) Regulations, 2010 and notified the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Fees, Fines and Charges) (Revision-II) Regulations, 2024 dated 28 June, 2024.

Key amendment includes,

  1. Any fines or charges charged against any person including generating companies and
    licensees for non-compliance or violation under the Act, Rules and Regulations shall
    be paid within 30 days of the order of the commission imposing the any fines or
    charges or within such extended date as may be allowed by the Commission in such
  2. If the Fines and/or Charges ordered by the Commission are not paid within the
    specified time, they shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue.
  3. Schedule 1 of the regulations specifies the revised fees for various applications,
    petitions, and annual fees with regard to the act that is payable to the Commission .
    The Regulation shall come into force on the date of their notification in the M.P. Gazette i.e.,
    28 June, 2024. However, for Generating Company and Transmission Licensee the revised
    Tariff fee as per Schedule-1 shall be applicable for the tariff period FY 2024-25 onwards.


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