New Guidelines On Sampling Of Fortified Rice Products

The Scientific Panel on Methods of Sampling and Analysis has given its approval to the Guidelines on sampling of Fortified Rice Products. This significant move is aimed at ensuring the integrity and quality of fortified rice products in the market. These guidelines were issued on November 17, 2023.

The guidelines apply to the following products:

  • Fortified Rice(FR),
  • Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK), and
  • Vitamin Mineral Premix for FRK

The guidelines have the following key features:

(I) Implementation

Firstly, the guidelines are designed to be implemented either by governmental food control authorities or by professionals themselves. This flexibility allows for self-inspection by producers and traders, contributing to a more comprehensive oversight of the fortified rice market.

(II) Objectives

Secondly, these guidelines serve as a supplementary document to the prevailing Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules, and Regulations of 2011. The main goal of these guidelines is to establish a standardized method of sampling to guarantee fair and valid procedures. This is crucial, especially when FRKs, FR and Vitamin Mineral Premix for FRK are subjected to testing for compliance with predefined commodity standards.

(III) Scope

Thirdly, the guidelines have a broad scope. They are applicable to determination of :

  • heterogeneously distributed fortificants,
  • undesirable substances, contaminants, and
  • parameters typically homogeneously distributed.

This encompasses assessments of quality or compliance with specifications. The guidelines, therefore, provide a comprehensive framework for ensuring the safety and quality of fortified rice products.

The approval of these guidelines aims to fortify food safety standards, emphasizing the need for rigorous sampling procedures to uphold the quality of fortified rice in the market. Producers, traders, and governmental food control authorities are encouraged to adopt and adhere to these guidelines for the betterment of the food industry.

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