“Pioneering Sustainability: Kannur’s Government Offices Lead the Charge Towards Net Zero Carbon”

In a significant stride towards sustainable development, Kannur district has embarked on a journey towards achieving net zero carbon status in collaboration with the Haritha Kerala Mission’s Net Zero Carbon Kerala through People campaign. A crucial aspect of this initiative involves conducting energy audits in government offices across 14 local government bodies. This notification was published on May 31, 2024.

Recently, a district-level training session on energy auditing, held at the Peralassery Gram Panchayat Hall, marked a pivotal moment in this endeavor. The training, inaugurated by Panchayat President, saw the active participation of various stakeholders, including Harita Keralam Mission District Coordinator and distinguished members from the World Resource Institute.

The surveyed panchayats, selected strategically for the first phase, are now engaged in activities aimed at analyzing carbon emissions, assessing carbon storage, and formulating strategies to combat climate change effectively. This concerted effort underscores the district’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its proactive approach towards achieving carbon neutrality.