Punjab Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) First Amendment Rules, 2023

Government of Punjab has issued Punjab Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) First Amendment Rules, 2023. The amendment provides that a child may without affecting his school education, in any manner, help his family in his family enterprise, subject to the condition that such help,-
(i) shall not be in any hazardous occupation or process listed in Part A and Part B of the Schedule to the Act;
(ii) shall not include work or occupation or process at any stage of the manufacturing, production, supply or retail chain that is remunerative for the child or his family or the family enterprise;
(iii) shall only be allowed to help in his family, or in a family enterprise, where his family is the occupier;
(iv) shall not perform any tasks during school hours and between 7 P.M. and 8 A.M.;
(v) shall not be engaged in such tasks of helping which hinders or interferes with the right to education of the child, or his attendance in the school, or which may adversely affect his education including activities which are inseparably associated to complete education such as homework or any extracurricular activities assigned to him by the school;
(vi) shall not be engaged in any task continuously without rest which may make him tired and shall be allowed to take rest to refresh his health and mind, and a child shall not help for more than three
hours excluding the period of rest in a day;
(vii) shall not include in any way substitution of the child for any adult or adolescent while helping his family or family enterprise; and
(viii) shall not be in contravention to any other law for the time being in force; and
(b) aid or assist his family in such manner which is not incidental to any occupation, work, profession, manufacture or business, or for any payment or benefit to the child or any other person exercising control over the child, and which is not detrimental to the growth, education and overall development of the child.


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