Re-examination of Medical Officers wrongly switched over to 7th CPC

The ESIC has released a circular highlighting the wrong switch over to the 7th CPC in respect of Medica-l Officers. This circular was issued on 13th April, 2023.

ESIC has stated that it has observed gross negligence with regard to switch over of pay to 7th, CPC structure by multiplying the basic pay with a factor of 2.67 instead of 2.57 in respect of Medical Officers posted in different units particularly in Level- 13.

It has been further clarified that the existing basic pay shall be multiplied by a factor of 2.57. The figure so arrived at shall be added to by an amount equivalent to Dearness Allowance on the pre-revised Non-Practicing Allowance admissible on 1st January 2016.

The figure so arrived at will be located in that level in the Pay Matrix and if such an identical figure corresponds to any Cell in the applicable Level of the Pay Matrix, the same shall be the pay.

If no such Cell is available in the applicable Level, the pay shall be fixed at the immediate next higher Cell in that applicable Level of the Pay matrix.

Field Unit heads are directed to re-examine cases of Medical Officers switched over to 7th, CPC in their units and take action within next 30 days. In case of any excess amount paid to the Medical Officers, necessary recovery may also be carried out immediately.

Field unit offices are must also provide a compliance certificate to HQ office that all such cases have been re-examined and necessary action taken. This compliance certificate shall also be accompanied by the names and designation of the officers whose switch over of pay such re-examined and results of the findings.


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