State Governments to continuously monitor the stock and prices of Tur and Urad

Additional Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs chaired a meeting with State Food and Civil Supplies Departments, Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) and State Warehousing Corporations (SWCs) on 14th June, 2023 to review stock disclosure of Tur and Urad and the implementation of stock limits by the state governments. A press release on the same was also issued on that same day.

The retail prices, quantities of stocks disclosed by various stock-holding entities and stocks in CWC and SWC warehouses in respect of Tur and Urad were reviewed in the meeting. The action taken by states to verify the mismatches between quantities pledged by market players with banks and quantities declared on the stock disclosure portal and the enforcement of stock limits were also discussed with the states. Further, CWC and SWCs were asked to furnish details of Tur and Urad stocks in their respective warehouses, on a regular basis. In the meeting, the state governments were asked to continuously monitor the prices and verify the stock positions of stock-holding entities and take strict action on those who violated the stock limits order. 

Under the order, stock limits have been prescribed for Tur and Urad until 31st October 2023 for all states and UTs. Stock limits applicable to each of the pulse individually are as follows:

  • 200 MT for wholesalers;
  • 5 MT for retailers;
  • 5 MT at each retail outlet and
  • 200 MT at depot for big chain retailers;
  • last 3 months of production or 25% of annual installed capacity, whichever is higher, for the millers.

The order has also made it mandatory for these entities to declare the stock position on the portal of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

The stock limit order was the culmination of various steps taken by the Department of Consumer Affairs to ensure affordability of Tur dal and Urad dal to the consumers, starting with the stock declaration advisory.