Directions for shops and establishments in NCT Delhi

All standalone shops are permitted but all malls and markets shall remain closed in hotspots at Delhi. The shops shall comply the directions for operation in letter and spirit and error, if any, shall be in the side of caution.

Government of Andhra Pradesh issues revised guidelines on industrial activities

The Government of Andhra Pradesh vide its notification dated 3rd May 2020 has issued revised guidelines on industrial activities which are permitted to operate during the lockdown. However Industries in the Containment Zones either in the urban or rural areas are not permitted and the labour force working in units shall not be from the Containment Zones.

Ministry of power publishes draft electricity amendment bill

The Ministry of Power has issued the Draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which seeks to increase private participation and to strengthen payment security mechanism and establish Electricity Contract Enforcement Authority who has sole authority to adjudicate matters related to specific performance of contracts related to purchase or sale of power, between power generation companies and distribution companies.