Legal Regulatory Compliance Audits

Diagnosing & Bridging Compliance Gaps with Precision and Expertise

Unlock the Potential of Legal Compliance Audits

In the intricate landscape of corporate governance, Legal Compliance Audits serve as the keystone for minimizing business risk and ensuring regulatory adherence. These audits provide a meticulous evaluation of your company’s compliance status against the myriad of regulations affecting your operations.

By diagnosing and addressing compliance gaps promptly, our audits lay the groundwork for a robust, continuous compliance framework, keeping your organization on the right side of regulatory expectations.

Pave Your Pathway to Regulatory Compliance Excellence

Our Legal Compliance Audits offer a holistic approach to understanding and fulfilling your legal obligations, featuring:

Audit Parameters: A Comprehensive Review

Our audits cover an extensive range of parameters, including but not limited to:

Licenses and Registrations

Verification of 100+ essential licenses and registrations critical to your operations.

Periodical Returns

Ensuring timely submission of 40+ periodical returns to relevant authorities.


Assessment of 200+ record types for accuracy & adequacy as prescribed by the law.

Statutory Signage and Posters

Inspection of statutory notices and warnings, with 35+ types reviewed for compliance.

Operational Compliance

A thorough check of 600+ procedural and day-to-day compliance aspects essential for service quality and infrastructure maintenance.

Statutory Website Updates

Review of 10+ statutory update requirements for organizational websites, ensuring public transparency and compliance.

Why Choose Legality Simplified?

Legality Simplified stands at the forefront of legal compliance auditing in India, with: