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Introducing LegalityAlerts: Your Legal News Update Service

LegalityAlerts revolutionizes the way businesses stay informed about the legal regulatory environment. Our premium email subscription service delivers the latest regulatory compliance updates straight to your inbox.

From critical circulars and government orders to amendments and gazette notifications, get all you need to remain informed and compliant. Attached with each alert, find comprehensive gazette notifications for easy reference.

Thanks to our legal experts’ vigilance, you’re always ahead in understanding the nuances of the legal landscape changes. With LegalityAlerts, maintaining compliance becomes straightforward and seamless.

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The Advantages of Subscribing to LegalityAlerts

Timely Updates

Direct inbox delivery ensures you're always in the know about the latest regulatory changes, without delay.

Summarized Important Points

Concise updates from gazette notifications, amendments, circulars, and government orders, ensuring that you are updated on the legal development with just a summary.

Effortless Understanding

Save time with succinct summaries of important legal documents and translations of regional notifications into English.

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Are You Legally Compliant?


Understanding the diverse needs of our subscribers, LegalityAlerts offers flexible subscription plans designed to provide crucial regulatory updates without straining your budget. Each plan is structured to deliver the same comprehensive coverage and timely insights, with the cost-effectiveness increasing significantly as you commit to longer durations. Here’s how our plans compare:

1 Month

Ideal for Businesses seeking an immediate, short-term solution to stay informed about the latest legal changes without a long-term commitment. Perfect for evaluating the comprehensive benefits of LegalityAlerts.
799/- Monthly
  • Subscription: Renews Monthly
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Rs. 26.6/day (approx.)
  • Amount Saved: N/A
  • Ideal For: Short-term Trial

3 Months

Ideal for Organizations looking to extend their compliance strategy over the quarter, offering a balance between flexibility and value. A smart choice for those planning to navigate seasonal regulatory shifts.
2,099/- Quarterly
  • Subscription: Renews Quarterly
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Rs. 23.3/day (approx.)
  • Amount Saved: Rs. 300/- (approx.)
  • Ideal for: Navigating Seasonal Regulations


Ideal for Forward-thinking businesses dedicated to maintaining a steadfast compliance posture year-round. This plan maximizes savings by slashing the daily cost to provide unparalleled value.
4,999/- Yearly
  • Subscription: Renews Yearly
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Rs. 13.7/day (approx.)
  • Amount Saved: Rs. 4,600/- (approx.)
  • Ideal for: Maximized Savings

Why Go Yearly?​

Choosing the Yearly Plan is a testament to your organization’s dedication to excellence in regulatory compliance and fiscal efficiency. It’s not just about staying informed; it’s about making a strategic investment in your company’s future, ensuring you’re always prepared, compliant, and ahead of the curve—all at an unbeatable value.

Your Path to Proactive Compliance Starts Here

With LegalityAlerts, you’re not just subscribing to a service; you’re investing in a partnership that guarantees you stay updated, stay ahead, and most importantly—stay legally alert. Select the plan that best suits your business’s needs and join the ranks of informed, compliant, and successful organizations across India.