New BIS Standard Enhances Surgical Implants: IS 18079:2023

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has introduced a new standard, IS 18079:2023, focusing on metal bone plates for surgery. This standard replaces existing ones, emphasizing compatibility with screws featuring conical under-surfaces. It enhances safety, simplifies implant selection, and sets a benchmark for the industry, benefiting surgeons, manufacturers, and patients.

Proposed Amendments to Cosmetics Rules 2020: Strengthening Regulations

On 15th May 2023, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare proposed amendments to the Cosmetics Rules 2020. These changes aim to enhance labeling clarity, streamline regulatory authorities, strengthen testing and analysis, reinforce record-keeping obligations, empower inspection authorities, and address licensing and labeling requirements. The amendments seek to bolster consumer safety and regulatory compliance in the cosmetics industry

SEBI Modifies Guidelines for contribution to IPF and Investor Services Fund

SEBI’s circular dated 30 Maymodifies guidelines for Investor Protection Fund (IPF) and Investor Services Fund (ISF). It establishes separate trusts for IPF and ISF, specifies contributions from stock exchanges and depositories, outlines fund utilization and deployment, and mandates disclosures. The changes aim to enhance investor protection and improve fund management in India’s securities market.