CBDT launches revamped National Website of the Income Tax Department

The new functionalities, allow users to compare different Acts, Sections, Rules, and Tax treaties. All relevant content on the site is now tagged with Income Tax sections for easy navigation. Further, dynamic due date alerts functionality provides reverse countdowns, tooltips, and links to relevant portals to help taxpayers to comply easily.

SEBI Consultation Paper on Association of SEBI Registered Intermediaries/Regulated Entities with Unregistered Entities (including Finfluencers)

No SEBI registered intermediaries/regulated entities or their agents/representatives shall, directly or indirectly, have any association/relationship in any form, whether monetary or non-monetary, for any promotion or advertisement of their services/products, with any unregistered entities ( including finfluencers). Entities registered/regulated by SEBI or stock exchanges or AMFI shall not share any confidential information of their clients with any unregistered entities.SEBI registered intermediaries/regulated entities shall not pay any trailing commission based on the number of referrals as referral fee. Limited referrals from retail clients, and payment of fees for such limited referrals by stockbrokers shall be allowed.