Centralized mechanism for reporting the demise of an investor through KRAs

Once the KRA flags an investor’s KYC as “Blocked Permanently,” all intermediaries must immediately block debit transactions in the investor’s account and notify the notifier or nominee about the transmission procedure. In case of transaction requests in accounts flagged as “On Hold,” additional due diligence, such as video calls or in-person verification, is required.

MCA ensures that the processing of application forms for the purpose of name reservation and incorporation at the Central Reservation Centre (CRC) is faceless and randomized

The applications if sent for resubmissions are normally not processed by the same official who has processed the application at the first instance. Stakeholders may inform the Ministry in case of any malpractice or irregularity on the part of any official/officer at CRC or any professional with supporting evidences at CVO-MCA@GOV.IN for taking action in accordance with the extent CVC guidelines.

Maintenance of Standards of Medical Education
Regulations, 2023

These regulations, amongst other aspects, contemplate an annual disclosure report to be submitted by medical colleges and medical institutions to the UGMEB or the PGMEB, as the case may be. The Boards will then evaluate these reports to verify if the medical colleges or medical institutions satisfy the conditions or regulations issued by NMC from time to time.

FSSAI launches Special Category Provision to Promote Gender Equality

This initiative is expected to have a far-reaching impact, empowering marginalized groups and encouraging greater diversity and representation in the food business sector. It underlines the importance of recognizing and addressing gender disparities while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the ever-evolving food industry.