2024 Regulations: Shaping the Future of Gas Distribution Networks

In exercising authority granted by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Act of 2006, significant revisions have been made to the regulations governing the declaration of city or local natural gas distribution networks as common carriers or contract carriers. These amendments, effective upon publication in the Official Gazette, replace the previous guidelines established in 2020. This notification was published on April 25, 2024.

The revisions aim to uphold consumer interests by fostering fair competition among entities, preventing unnecessary investments, and ensuring equitable distribution and availability of natural gas. Key changes include refining definitions, specifying applicability post-exclusivity periods, and outlining guiding principles for declaring networks as common carriers or contract carriers. The process for declaration involves a structured approach, including opportunities for public input and hearings. In cases where an authorized entity has not reached all designated areas, provisions for open access are instituted to promote competition and consumer benefit. These revisions align with the Board’s mandate to safeguard consumer interests and promote a competitive natural gas market.