UGC has announced the precautions to be taken by the students before enrolling in Programmes offered under Open & Distance Learning (ODL) and/or Online Learning (OL) mode

Students must confirm the recognition status of HEI for offering ODL and Online education for the session opted for admission on UGC DEB website, check the details on the HEls’ website, take note of prohibited programmes and prohibition of franchising arrangement and ensure that all activities are being conducted within Territorial Jurisdiction for ODL Programmes before taking admission.

Kerala Government Designates Authority for High Support Needs under Disabilities Act

In accordance with the provisions outlined in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, the Government of Kerala has designated the Joint Director of the Social Justice Department as the competent authority for the acceptance and evaluation of applications pertaining to high support needs. Individuals with benchmark disabilities, along with their representatives, are encouraged to submit their requests for high support to the appointed authority.

Tamil Nadu Government’s Securities Sale Announcement

The Tamil Nadu government has announced the sale of securities worth RS. 6000 crore to the public through an auction conducted by the Reserve Bank of India at its Mumbai Office, Fort, Mumbai, on March 19, 2024. The securities include 10-year bonds amounting to RS. 2000 crore, 20-year bonds amounting to RS. 2000 Crore, and 30-year bonds amounting to RS. 2000 crore.

NMC Reveals Schedule for NEET PG-2024

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has finalized the schedule for NEET PG-2024. Furthermore, it has been stipulated that the cut-off date for the completion of internship, thereby becoming eligible for NEET PG-2024, is August 15, 2024.