Ensuring Voting Rights for Migrant Employees in Puducherry

In preparation for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2024, scheduled across multiple phases, all employers in shops and establishments throughout the Union Territory of Puducherry are required to provide paid leave to their migrant employees on the respective polling days.

SEBI amends the regulations governing research analysts and investment advisors

The Board may specify that no person shall act as an investment adviser unless such a person is enlisted with the recognized body or body corporate and in such an event, the provisions of these regulations and the specified provisions of the bye-laws or articles of such a body or body corporate shall apply to the investment adviser.

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) Regulations Amendment 2024

Prior to initiating the dissolution period, the AIF must intimate SEBI about obtaining investor consent. If the bid is successful, dissenting investors are offered an exit option, ensuring fairness in the process. Conversely, if the bid falls short, the AIF can still opt for the dissolution period with the requisite investor consent.

SEBI has introduced amendments to the SEBI (AIF) Regulations for providing greater flexibility to Category I and II Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)

The amendments, notified on April 25, 2024, aim to streamline the process for AIFs to create encumbrance on equity, primarily for investee companies involved in infrastructure projects. This move is pivotal in promoting ease of doing business and enhancing the flexibility of AIF operations, thereby contributing to the overall growth of the alternative investment landscape in India.