AERB Clarifies Role in Punjab University’s Nuclear Medicine Course

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has issued a clarification regarding recent media reports on their “approval” of the MSc Nuclear Medicine course at Punjab University. This clarification was issued on May 10, 2024.

AERB has reiterated that it does not provide “approval” for any university courses.

Their role focuses on ensuring universities meet the following criteria:

  • Basic entry-level qualifications for students.
  • Syllabus coverage of radiation safety aspects as mandated by AERB.
  • Practical training sessions and hospital-based training are included in the curriculum.

Successful graduates of the course may be employed as Nuclear Medicine Technologists in authorized institutions.

Additionally, to become a Radiological Safety Officer (RSO) in a nuclear medicine facility, graduates must pass a separate AERB-specified examination.

Furthermore, AERB emphasizes that the university must obtain approval for the course from relevant authorities.

This clarification aims to inform the public about AERB’s role and the qualifications required for working in the field of nuclear medicine.