Alternative Payment Options for Tamil Nadu Securities Holders

Notice: The 5.76% Tamil Nadu SDL, 2024, will be repaid on April 22, 2024, along with accrued interest until April 21, 2024. If April 22, 2024, is declared a holiday, repayment will be made on the previous working day. No interest will be charged after April 22, 2024. This notification was published on March 22, 2024.

For holders with Subsidiary General Ledger or Constituent Subsidiary General Ledger accounts or Stock Certificates, payment will be made through a pay order or electronic transfer to their bank accounts. Holders must provide their bank account details to the relevant authorities. If bank account details are not provided, holders must submit their securities to the Public Debt Office at least 20 days before the due date, duly endorsed for repayment. In places where State Bank of India branches handle Treasury work, securities should be submitted to those branches, not to the Treasury or Sub-Treasury.