Amendments Made To Specifications In Respect Of Biostimulants

The Government of India has issued an amendment to the Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) Order, 1985. This amendment was made through the Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) (Third) Amendment Order, 2024. This order was published on May 8, 2024.

The amendment order specifically focuses on biostimulants. The amendment states that biostimulant specifications shall include tracer molecules in addition to active ingredients.

The order also introduces ‘live micro-organisms excluding biofertilizers and biopesticides’ as an additional category of biostimulants specified under Schedule VI.

Manufacturing and Importation

Manufacturers and importers must now obtain approval from the Central Government for their biostimulants to be included in Schedule VI.

A detailed application process is outlined, including data on:

  • Chemistry (source, product specifications, analysis methods)
  • Bio-efficacy trials (conducted at specific locations)
  • Toxicity testing (acute and eco-toxicity tests)
  • Heavy metal analysis report
  • Affidavit confirming no pesticide presence beyond permissible limits

However, certain categories like protein hydrolysates, seaweed extracts, amino acids, vitamins, Humic and fulvic acid are exempt from submitting toxicology data.

The Central Biostimulants Committee can group biostimulants into categories based on accumulated data.

Additionally, the amendment order also increases the permissible limit of pesticide in biostimulants from 0.01ppm to 1ppm.

These regulations aim to ensure the safety and efficacy of biostimulants used in Indian agriculture. The detailed application process provides a framework for evaluating new biostimulants before they become commercially available.