AP State Electricity Regulatory Commission Notifies Draft Regulations On Conditions for Grant of Distribution Licence 2024

The Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (APSERC) has notified Draft (Procedure, Terms & Conditions for Grant of Distribution Licence and other Related Matters) Regulations 2024 on May 29, 2024.

Under these regulations, an applicant must fulfill the Capital Adequacy, Creditworthiness, and Code of Conduct requirements specified by the Ministry of Power, Government of India by demonstrating 30% equity, meet conduct requirements, and have no disqualifications in the last three years. in order to obtain a distribution licence.

The applicant must submit an application to the Commission, accompanied by detailed maps, project reports, and other documents. The Commission will then scrutinize the application and notify the applicant of any defects or deficiencies. If the application is complete, it will be published in a public notice and objections can be filed by the public within 30 days.

The Licensee shall also provide non-discriminatory open access to its distribution system, establish a consumer grievance redressal forum, and cooperate with state transmission utilities and other licensees. Additionally, the Licensee shall maintain separate accounts for its licensed business and other business activities.

The distribution licensee must submit a power procurement plan for approval and comply with laws, rules, and regulations and adhere to the standards of performance specified by the commission.

The Commission has the power to issue directives or orders necessary to meet justice and remove any difficulties that may arise in implementing the regulations. Additionally, the Commission has the authority to amend the regulations as needed.

Any comments/ suggestions / objections on the draft regulations may be sent by any interested person(s) / stakeholders by June 21, 2024.