AP State Electricity Regulatory Commission Publishes Draft Demand Side Management Regulations, 2024

The Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (APSERC) has issued draft Demand Side Management Regulations (DSM), 2024. Under these regulations, the objectives of Demand Side Management (DSM) include lowering the overall cost of electricity, reducing environmental damage, and inducing lasting changes in the market for increased adoption of energy-efficient technologies.

DSM guiding principles focus on the design, development, and implementation of cost- effective DSM programs that provide sustainable benefits and do not burden consumers. The DSM Cell is expected to be established promptly by each Distribution Licensee and Each Distribution Licensee must promptly establish a DSM Cell responsible for load and market research, DSM plan formulation, and seeking approvals.

Specific guidelines for the approval of individual DSM programs are mentioned, along with mechanisms for implementation, cost recovery, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation. Distribution Licensees must submit progress reports and expenses for the DSM Plan every six months, along with a detailed Program Completion Report within three months of the program’s conclusion.

Multi-year DSM plan and program budgets require approval from the Commission, and Distribution Licensees need to substantiate their budgets with savings targets and implementation schedules.

The Commission may provide incentives for achieving or exceeding DSM objectives and is empowered to make amendments, provide directions, relaxations, and resolve disputes under the regulations.