Beware of Fake Letters Issued In The Name of NMC

The Undergraduate Medical Education Board ( UGMEB) of the National Medical Commission (NMC) has recently become aware of a fraudulent letter circulating on social media platforms. This fake letter was dated February 3, 2024. Hence, the NMC has issued a public notice dated March 20, 2024, clarifying the authenticity of this letter.

The fake letter bears the signature of the Director-UGMEB. However, the NMC confirms that said letter to be fabricated. A copy of the forged document is attached with the present public notice for reference.

All stakeholders, particularly Medical Colleges, are cautioned against falling victim to such deceptive correspondence. The NMC notes that there has been no official letter dated February 3, 2024 issued by the UGMEB of NMC. Stakeholders are advised to exercise caution and refrain from acting upon any such fraudulent letters, unless received through the designated email of UGMEB, NMC, or via post from the NMC.

It is emphasized that all significant letters, circulars, and public notices are regularly published on the official website of the National Medical Commission. Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to verify the authenticity of any communication by referring to the NMC website. Any doubts or clarifications regarding the validity of notices, circulars, or letters should be promptly addressed with the UGMEB of NMC.

Furthermore, stakeholders are urged to rely solely on genuine letters, circulars, and notices available exclusively on the NMC website. The National Medical Commission vows to take strict legal action against the dissemination of fake messages on social media platforms.