Calling All Young Innovators: IIT Madras’ Global Water Challenge

IIT Madras has launched the inaugural India edition of the ‘Stockholm Junior Water Prize’, a Global Water Challenge tailored for school students in Classes 9th to 12th. This initiative, hosted by the Sustainability Venture Studio at the School of Sustainability, IIT Madras, in collaboration with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and sponsored by Aqua map, the Center for Water Management and Policy, aims to recognize and celebrate the inventive endeavors of young minds in addressing critical water-related challenges. This notification was published on 12.04.2024.

The competition provides a platform for students to exhibit their innovative solutions to various global water challenges such as water pollution, unequal access to clean water and sanitation, water scarcity, high groundwater stress, agricultural water use, water governance and management, and ecosystem degradation. By participating, students not only gain exposure to pressing societal issues but also cultivate the confidence that they can effect positive change. Moreover, it opens doors to potential career paths in these domains. Interested students aged above 15 years old can apply by submitting comprehensive project documentation by the deadline of April 30, 2024. The top 25 teams will be selected through a meticulous process by subject-matter experts. The champion team will represent India at the esteemed Stockholm Junior Water Prize in Sweden, held as part of World Water Week from August 25th to 29th, 2024. Professor of Environmental Engineering at IIT Madras emphasizes the significance of instilling a passion for innovation in the water domain from a young age. Such competitions not only spotlight outstanding projects but also foster a global network of young water enthusiasts, promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration.


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