Union Health Ministry & NDMA Issue Advisory on Hospital Fire Prevention

The advisory underscores the necessity for State Health Departments and State Disaster Management Authorities to collaborate closely. They are directed to ensure that all accredited hospitals within their jurisdictions take immediate action on several fronts including inspections, fire NOC compliance, etc.

Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority Regulations, 2024

The regulations and procedures established by the Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority for the registration, management, and resolution of disputes related to real estate projects, including requirements for submission of project details, confidentiality of documents, meeting procedures, and compliance with regulatory standards.

BIS Revises Standards for Agricultural and Other Equipment and Hygiene Products

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has introduced certain standards for agricultural and other equipment and hygiene products. These notifications were published on March 8, 2024. These standards have been established on February 2024. The previous versions of these standards shall stand withdrawn on the dates specified.

CPCB Directs States To Take Action Against Defaulting Battery Waste Recyclers

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has directed all State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs)/ Pollution Control Committees (PCCs) to issue notices to all battery waste recyclers who have not uploaded requisite documents/ invoices for generation of EPR credits on the EPR Portal, suspend/ withdraw/ cancel CTO of defaulting waste battery recyclers and verify documents/ invoices/ information uploaded by battery waste recyclers on the EPR portal.

The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Amendment Act, 2024

The Amendment Act applies to the States of Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan along with Union Territories. It will also apply to such other State which adopt this Act by resolution. It is significant to note that while the amendment Act has increased the upper limit of the financial penalties for contravention of the provisions of the Act, it has also eliminated imprisonment as a form of penalty under the Act.

The Goa Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill, 2024

The “Goa Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill, 2024” is a legislative proposal seeking to amend the existing Goa Town and Country Planning Act, 1974. The key amendments involve, granting the Chief Town Planner the authority, under certain conditions, to alter or modify the Regional Plan and/or the Outline Development Plan for the purpose of changing the zone of any land. Despite the absence of financial implications, the bill empowers the government to frame rules regarding the proposed alterations and modifications.

The Goa Buildings (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control (Amendment) Bill, 2024

The Government of Goa issued a bill on 05th February, 2024, known as The Goa Buildings (Lease, Rent and Eviction) Control (Amendment) Bill, 2024.The amendments proposed include the insertion of new clauses related to “Agreement of leave and license,” “Deputy Collector,” “leave and license,” and “licensee,” as well as the substitution concerning the landlord’s right to obtain possession.

DPIIT holds consultation with representatives of Indian Cement Industry on CIS portal for collection of cement production data

Cement production data is used by government for policy decisions and for calculating the index of industrial production. The representatives of cement industry assured DPIIT that the cement production data will be provided regularly and agreed that the accurate and authentic production data of the cement industry will be beneficial for all. The industry representatives also assured that remaining plants will be onboarded on CIS portal by 31st March 2024.