Rajasthan RERA Orders The Submission Of Architectural Drawings And Opening Of RERA Accounts

The Rajasthan RERA has mandated the submission of certified architectural drawings and the opening of three RERA accounts for promoters. These drawings, including Stilt floor workings, typical floor plans, and 3-D views etc. must be submitted when applying for Completion Certificates through the Post Registration module. Promoters are also obliged to open Collection, Retention, and Promoter’s Accounts under the maintenance of the separate project account category with banks.

Goa SPCB Directs Continuous Monitoring In Industries & Other Establishments

According to GSPCB directions, steel plants in the Red & Orange Category must install Online Continuous Stack Emission Monitoring Systems(OCEMS) and Continuous Ambient Air Monitoring stations by 31st August 2024. Additionally, industries, establishments, hotels, common STPs, commercial establishments, residential complexes, and educational institutions with ETPs of 50 KLD and above, and STPs of 100 KLD and above, must install an online water quality monitoring system by 31st August 2024.

“Pioneering Urban Renewal: Amendments to Tamil Nadu Building Laws”

In a bid to streamline and enhance urban development initiatives, the Tamil Nadu Combined Development and Building Rules, 2019, undergo significant amendments. These changes, effective March 11, 2024, aim to modernize regulations governing construction practices across the state.

Union Health Ministry Emphasizes Fire Safety in Hospitals

States and UTs must conduct routine assessments to identify potential fire hazards. They shall conduct regular fire drills to familiarize staff and patients with evacuation routes and safety protocols. Hospitals shall also implement fire safety plans.

Delhi Gears Up to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases

With the arrival of mosquito season, the Delhi Municipal Corporation has urged all institutions to take action against mosquito breeding grounds. Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) will take legal action against institutions that create mosquito breeding grounds.

Union Health Ministry & NDMA Issue Advisory on Hospital Fire Prevention

The advisory underscores the necessity for State Health Departments and State Disaster Management Authorities to collaborate closely. They are directed to ensure that all accredited hospitals within their jurisdictions take immediate action on several fronts including inspections, fire NOC compliance, etc.

Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority Regulations, 2024

The regulations and procedures established by the Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority for the registration, management, and resolution of disputes related to real estate projects, including requirements for submission of project details, confidentiality of documents, meeting procedures, and compliance with regulatory standards.