Revised Foreign Trade Policy with regard to intermediaries of merchant trading

Merchanting trade involving shipment of goods from one foreign country to another foreign country without touching Indian ports, or shipment of goods within one specific foreign country, involving an Indian intermediary is allowed subject to compliance with RBI guidelines, except for goods in the CITES, or under SCOMET.

National Conference on Strategic Trade Controls (NCSTC)

The conference mainly focuses on outreach to the Industry especially for those dealing in sectors regulated under India’s SCOMET list including special materials and high tech equipment, chemicals, biotechnology, defence, aerospace (comprising Drones/UAVs), electronics and semiconductors, telecommunications, information security, etc. and related software and technology.

Central Government Designates Ports for Red Sanders Repatriation from Nepal

The Central Government has designated specific ports for the repatriation of red sanders from Nepal. The ports of entry and exist have been designated for the purpose of regulation of International Trade of red sanders between India and Nepal, ensuring strict adherence to environmental regulations and international trade norms.