Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024

After the receipt of resolution plans in accordance with the Code and these regulations, the resolution professional shall provide the fair value, the liquidation value and valuation reports to every member of the committee in electronic form, on receiving an undertaking from the member to the effect that such member shall maintain confidentiality of the fair value, the liquidation value and valuation reports and shall not use the information contained in the valuation reports to cause an undue gain or undue loss to itself or any other person.

MCA deploys Change Request Form (CRF) on MCA-21

This web- based Form is to be used only under exceptional circumstances, for making a request to Registrar of Companies (RoCs), for the purposes which cannot be catered through any existing form or services or functionality available either at Front Office level (users of MCA-21 services) or Back Office level (RoCs). The Form should be processed by RoCs within 03 days of its filing, after which it should be forwarded to Joint Director (e-governance cell), who shall process and decide the matter within a maximum time of 07 days.

Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Amendment Rules, 2024

The Registrar of the Central Processing Center shall examine or cause to be examined every application or e-Form or document required or authorized to be filed or delivered as provided under sub-rule (3), for approval, registration or taking on record by the Registrar.