Jharkhand Payment of Wages (Amendment) Rules, 2023

The notification outlines the Jharkhand Payment of Wages (Amendment) Rules, 2023, which extend to the state of Jharkhand and include changes to the reporting requirements for fines and deductions from wages in factories and other establishments.

Paid Holiday Entitlement for Employees During General Elections in Daman 

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Secretariat, Daman issued an official directive regarding the grant of paid holidays to employees on the day of the general elections for the Palghar Parliamentary Constituency of Maharashtra State. It not only outlines the categories of employees entitled to this benefit but also emphasizes the consequences of non-compliance with the stipulated provisions. Overall, the document aims to ensure the smooth conduct of the elections by facilitating the participation of employees while holding employers accountable for adhering to the mandated regulations.

The Essence of Public Holidays: Gujarat’s Embrace of Democratic Participation

The General Administration Department of Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, demonstrated its dedication to facilitating the democratic process by issuing a notification on April 5, 2024. This notification declares May 7, 2024, as a public holiday in Gujarat in light of the General Election to Lok Sabha and bye-elections in five Assembly Constituencies.

Ensuring Voter Participation: Puducherry Declares Holiday for General Elections

In a move to encourage voter turnout and ensure that all eligible citizens exercise their democratic right, the Government of Puducherry has announced a holiday for all workers on the day of the upcoming general elections to the Lok Sabha of India, scheduled for April 19, 2024. This decision, outlined in Circular issued by the Department of Labor, underscores the importance of civic engagement and underscores the government’s commitment to facilitating the electoral process.

Public Holidays for General Election 2024 in Maharashtra

The notification from the General Administration Department, Government of Maharashtra, declares public holidays in specific parliamentary constituencies due to the General Election of 2024 and instructs the dissemination of this information to various government officials and organizations.

Special Paid Holidays Declaration for Upcoming Elections in Himachal Pradesh

The notification issued by Himachal Pradesh Government serves to ensure that employees in Himachal Pradesh have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote by declaring special paid holidays on specific poll days for various elections, and outlines the necessary instructions and actions to be taken by different entities to facilitate the implementation of these holidays. The comprehensive list of recipients demonstrates the widespread communication and dissemination of these instructions to ensure compliance across various sectors in the state.

Ensuring Fair Wages: Gujarat’s Latest Circular on Minimum Rates for Contract Laborers

Gujarat Government’s recent circular on minimum wage rates for contract laborers, emphasizing its significance in promoting fairness and equity in labor practices. It highlights the circular’s provisions, including specific wage rates, zone classifications, and its alignment with the Model Code of Conduct, underscoring the government’s commitment to socio-economic well-being and electoral integrity.

Ladakh Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2024

The Ladakh Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2024, outline the regulations and procedures for the registration, management, and support of institutions and individuals working with persons with disabilities in the Union Territory of Ladakh.