Revised process for obtaining, extending and executing mineral exploration license

Mineral (Auction) Amendment Rules, 2024 provides that a bidder shall submit only one bid in an auction of a mineral block and no affiliate of a bidder shall submit a bid in the same auction where such bidder has submitted bid. “Affiliate” with respect to a bidder shall mean a person who, (a) controls such bidder, (b) is controlled by such bidder, (c) is under common control with such bidder, (d) is an associate company of the bidder, or (e) is a subsidiary company of such bidder.

Minerals (Evidence of Mineral Contents) Amendment Rules, 2024

The amendment provides that respect of any mineral specified in Part D of the First Schedule to the Act, in order to identify mineral potentiality of a block based on the available geoscience data where resources are yet to be established, including in any block proposed by any person, the Central Government shall place it before a committee.

Allocation of Remaining Quantities of Raw Petroleum Coke

It was unanimously decided to distribute the remaining 0.4 million tonnes of RPC to all eligible calciners on a pro-rata basis, following the existing methodology adopted by the DGFT. Certain criteria were laid out, including considerations for those who had not applied before, surrendered significant quantities, or featured in specific reports.

Ministry of coal to commence 8th round of auction of commercial coal mines

Ministry of coal makes efforts to stop importing of coal with the main focus on production of coal within the nation. The mines being auctioned are spread across coal bearing States of Jharkhand, Odisha, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Bihar. Sale of tender document shall start from November 15, 2023.. Details of the mines, auction terms, timelines etc. can be accessed on MSTC auction platform.

Guidelines for support in the mining and mineral sector

The Ministry of Mines has issued GUIDELINES FOR SUPPORT TO MINING RESEARCH to plan, support and coordinate mining, mineral and metal based research in public interest for enhancing the understanding of the mines and geology, and devising strategies and solutions for conservation and mining protection and management.

Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2023

The holder of the exploration licence shall, within three months of the completion of the operations for which licence has been granted, or of the date of expiry of the exploration licence, whichever is earlier, submit a geological report to the State Government explaining the result of the reconnaissance and prospecting operations, in such manner as may be prescribed.

Clarification regarding Mining Surveillance System (MSS)

The system checks a region of 500 meters around the existing mining lease boundary using satellitic imagery to search for any unusual activity which is likely to be illegal mining. Any discrepancy found is flagged-off as a trigger. The triggers thus generated are forwarded to respective State Governments for verification through field visit. A user friendly mobile app for MSS has also been developed for Citizens and State Governments to ensure ease of access and transparency.

Revival of Coal MDO Contracts

NITI Aayog had recommended that instead of amending the CMSP Act, Ministry of Coal may insert a clause in the Coal Mine Development & Production Agreement signed between the Government and the Government companies’ allottees barring “appointment of MDOs before the allotment of coal block”.