Delhi Gears Up to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases

With the arrival of mosquito season, the Delhi Municipal Corporation has urged all institutions to take action against mosquito breeding grounds. Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) will take legal action against institutions that create mosquito breeding grounds.

White Paper on Comprehensive Health-Related Services for Transgender Persons

This White Paper describes the requirement for comprehensive services for transgender (TG) persons. It highlights their needs and reviews the experience of ongoing comprehensive services offered to the communities by different programs and partners. It also recommends the service delivery packages for TG persons as per the need.

Government Emphasizes Awareness and Collaboration For Management of Heatwaves

The Ministry informed that advisories emphasizing state compliance with the National Action Plan on Heat Related Illnesses were recently issued to Chief Secretaries. These plans detail essential medicine stockpiling, intravenous fluids, ice packs, ORS solutions, and public awareness campaigns. Additionally, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has prepared a guide on recommended practices for both the general public and vulnerable individuals during summer months.

Kerala Government Designates Authority for High Support Needs under Disabilities Act

In accordance with the provisions outlined in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, the Government of Kerala has designated the Joint Director of the Social Justice Department as the competent authority for the acceptance and evaluation of applications pertaining to high support needs. Individuals with benchmark disabilities, along with their representatives, are encouraged to submit their requests for high support to the appointed authority.