Clarification on Cardiothoracic Surgery Qualifications

The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) has issued a clarification regarding the nomenclatures for qualifications in Cardiothoracic Surgery. This clarification was issued by a notice dated April 24, 2024.

The notice recalls that the Diplomate National Board (Cardio Thoracic Surgery) also known as DNB (Cardio Thoracic Surgery) qualification has been a recognized medical qualification since September 19, 1983.

Subsequently, the nomenclature and abbreviation of this qualification came to be amended in 2020. It was thus introduced as Doctorate National Board (Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery) also known as DrNB (Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery).

Hence, in light of these facts, the NBEMS has now clarified the following:

  • Holders of both, DNB (Cardiothoracic Surgery) and DrNB (Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery), are trained and qualified surgeons.
  • Both qualifications encompass all aspects of the sub-specialty as per the curriculum prescribed, including vascular surgery.

This clarification assures patients and healthcare professionals that both DNB and DrNB holders in Cardiothoracic Surgery possess the necessary expertise and are eligible to practice.