Cyber Security Conclave

Cyber Security Conclave was jointly organized by CSC and United Service Institution in New Delhi. Under this, important strategies for cyber security were discussed. Cyber threats are evolving at a rapid pace around the world, with the number of data breaches increasing every year. Every day the cases of cyber security breaches from IT service providers are increasing. It is important for companies to maintain a strong cyber security framework to retain their customers. Any kind of breach in data security can lead to huge losses in business besides damaging trust and reputation.

This conference provides a platform for us to discuss ways to improve cybersecurity, focusing on robust data management and strategies to prevent cyber threats and thefts. By developing a cyber think tank, it aim to foster innovative solutions and create a more user-friendly cyber system. It will establish a small, dedicated group to lead our efforts towards cyber protection and work towards developing a cohesive cybersecurity system.