Edit Window for applicants of NEET – PG 2024

The National Board of Examinations (NBEMS) has opened a pre-final edit window for candidates who haven’t uploaded their photographs, signatures, or thumb impressions according to the specified guidelines. A notice of this extension was issued on May 29, 2024.

NBEMS observed that many candidates missed the initial edit window on May 16, 2024, to upload their required images. Hence, it took the decision to provide a pre-final edit window to allow candidates to rectify these deficiencies.

Pre-Final Edit Window

  • Dates: May 28, 2024, to June 3, 2024 (till 11:55 PM)
  • What You Can Edit: Incorrect images (photograph, signature, or thumb impression)
  • Number of Edits: The images can be edited any number of times within the window.

Candidates shall double-check the Image Upload Instructions before editing. Uploading incorrect images or failing to fix them by the deadline could lead to application rejection.

The notice also provides a list of candidates who need to correct the images in their applications.

It is important to note that uploading images not in conformance with guidelines or failure to rectify the images in the final edit window shall invite rejection of application.