“Elevating Safety: The Uttar Pradesh Lifts and Escalators Act, 2024”

In a bid to enhance safety standards and regulate the installation, maintenance, and operation of lifts and escalators across Uttar Pradesh, the Uttar Pradesh Lifts and Escalators Act, 2024, has been enacted. This legislation aims to ensure the safe functioning of these vertical transportation systems, vital in both public and private premises. This notification was published on February 26, 2024.

Under this act, owners intending to install lifts or escalators must register their premises and comply with specified safety measures. Key provisions include mandatory maintenance contracts, regular inspections, and the installation of safety devices such as Automatic Rescue Devices (ARDs). Additionally, the act mandates insurance for public premises to cover any mishaps.

In cases of accidents, stringent protocols are outlined, including immediate reporting to authorities, inquiries, and compensations. Non-compliance with the act can result in penalties, ensuring accountability and adherence to safety standards.

By enforcing these regulations, the Uttar Pradesh Lifts and Escalators Act, 2024, prioritizes public safety and underscores the importance of proper maintenance and operation of these vertical transportation systems.