Empanelment Process with Government Institutions

Exclusion of Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) and Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Requirement for Government Institution Empanelment: Clarification In reference to the subject matter, it is imperative to clarify that the need for Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) only applies to empanelment procedures with private healthcare organizations (HCOs), and it is not a prerequisite for engagements with government institutions. It is strongly advised to strictly adhere to the guidelines delineated in the ESIC Operational Manual 2023, specifically focusing on the Referral Policy for Super Specialty and Specialty Services. Pertinent clauses to be noted in this manual are Clauses 17.9 and 17.10, found on page 27, which outline the empanelment protocol with government institutions. This clarification is issued with the requisite approval from the competent authority. This Notification was published on 26.03.2024.