Empowering Non-Local Workers: Haryana’s Decree for Paid Absence on Election Day

As per the letter dated March 16, 2024, in conjunction with the Chief Electoral Officer’s communication dated March 26, 2024, it has been decided that the general elections to neighboring states will take place as outlined below: Given the aforementioned circumstances, it is deemed necessary to afford an opportunity to those individuals who are employed in the state of Haryana and are registered as voters in the aforementioned states to exercise their right to vote.

Therefore, pursuant to the authority vested by Section 28 of the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 (Punjab Act 15 of 1958) and all other relevant powers, the Governor of Haryana hereby designates the ‘schedule mentioned in the above table” as a paid holiday for all shops and commercial establishments falling within the jurisdiction of the state of Haryana. This holiday is exclusively applicable to employees who are enrolled as voters in the aforementioned states, thus facilitating their participation in the electoral process. To find the neighboring states and dates, check the link given below. This Notification was published on 28.03.2024.