“Empowering Youth through Cooperative Endeavors: A Step towards Sustainable Growth”

In a significant stride towards economic empowerment, Kottayam witnesses the commencement of exports of value-added products from cooperative societies to Europe and America. This momentous occasion was marked by the inauguration of the study and research center of the E Nadu Youth Cooperative Society in Veliyannur, graced by the presence of the Cooperatives and Ports Minister. This notification was published on June 6, 2024.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of youth in the cooperative sector, the minister highlighted the government’s initiative to promote youth leadership through cooperative law amendments. The remarkable success of E Nadu Youth Cooperative Sangh, attaining a profit of Rs 50 lakh in its nascent stage, underscores the potential of cooperative enterprises in fostering economic growth.

Furthermore, the forthcoming Cooperative Bill signifies comprehensive reforms aimed at revitalizing the cooperative sector. Noteworthy contributions from initiatives like Inat Xylum Biomeals organic fertilizers and food products, along with pioneering efforts in waste disposal, exemplify the collaborative spirit driving sustainable development in Kottayam.

With concerted efforts towards youth engagement and innovative solutions, Kottayam sets a promising precedent for cooperative-driven economic progress and environmental sustainability.