Ensuring Democratic Participation: Election Day Holidays in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, preparations for the 2024 Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are underway, with the Election Commission of India setting the polling date for May 13, 2024, and vote counting scheduled for June 4, 2024. To facilitate the smooth conduct of elections, the state government has authorized collectors and district magistrates to declare local holidays on polling days if necessary. This administrative measure ensures that institutions housing polling stations or distribution centers can operate without disruptions. This notification was published on March 22, 2024.

Furthermore, the Labor, Employment Training, and Factories Department is mandated to declare paid holidays for workers on polling day, enabling them to exercise their right to vote. Municipal corporations, municipal committees, and universities are also directed to observe local holidays on election day, promoting civic engagement across the state. Employers play a crucial role in facilitating voter participation by granting eligible employees a holiday on polling day without any deduction from wages. This ensures that every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast their ballot without facing employment-related barriers. These measures underscore our commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring that the electoral process is accessible to all citizens of Andhra Pradesh.


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