EPFO announces Swachhata Pakhwada

EPFO will be observing the Swachhata Pakhwada, 2024 from 01.05.2024 to 15.05.2024 and 1st May will be observed as International Labour Day as special occasion. The following action plan has been formulated to make the Swachhata Pakhwada a successful event in EPFO:

Awareness among the Staff, Employers and Members

  1. Holding awareness drive in the offices among the Staff, establishments and members.
  2. Hoardings displaying the benefits of the Swachhata are to be placed in the offices.
  3. At the organizational level, the message relating to the Swachhata will be displayed on the EPFO website and all the portals to which establishments and members have access.
  4. Essay Competition and Drawing Completion on the topic of Swachhata may be held among the staff and staff may be encouraged to participate along with their families.

Cleanliness Drive in the EPFO offices and Residential Colonies

  1. Weeding out of the old records, files, condemned furniture and such other irreparable office equipments.
  2. E-Waste such as printer/fax cartridges, personal computers and peripherals to be disposed off by following the Government of India norms.
  3. Cleaning of the toilets, providing appropriate ventilation, tiling of the toilets and other activities relating to maintenance of toilets may be carried out regularly particularly for those being frequently used by the visiting public iv. Covering of open drains in the office premises may be undertaken.
  4. Covering of the electric switch boards, switching panels and wires. It may be ensured that all the hanging wires in the offices are put through the channels/piping. vi. Maintenance of the lawns and pathways.
  5. Clear marking for cars in the parking areas. The vehicles parked by the staff in the official area to be advised to keep their vehicles clean and parked in the allotted slots only.
  6. It may be ensured that the office building, entry gates, boundary walls etc. are properly maintained, painted and cleaned periodically.

Cleanliness drives in the surrounding of the EPFO offices

  1. Steps should be taken to educate public about the disadvantages of littering and defecation in the open. Take up the matter with Municipal authorities for the construction of dustbins in the office vicinity and toilets in the defecation sites.
  2. Adoption of a Road, Park, Public Place, Office Area etc. to make it clean and green. iii. Sponsoring green Plantations in the nearby area through Horticulture Department.
  3. Activities on Community Engagament as per Annexure-Il of Swachhata Pakhwada2024 Consolidated Guidelines.

Action taken report along with photographs (in high resolution of 2MB – 5MB) may be submitted to the headquarters by 18th May 2024 to the email id – rc.hrm8@epfindia.gov.in.