FSSAI Alerts Fruit Traders to Ensure Compliance with Prohibition of Calcium Carbide in Fruit Ripening

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has alerted traders’/fruits handlers/Food Business Operators (FBOs) operating ripening chambers to strictly ensure compliance with the prohibition on calcium carbide for artificial ripening of fruits, particularly during the mango season. FSSAI is also advising Food Safety Departments of States /UTs to remain vigilant and take serious action and deal stringently against person(s) indulging in such unlawful practices as per the provisions of FSS Act, 2006 and Rules/Regulations made thereunder.

FSSAI has published a comprehensive guidance document titled “Artificial Ripening of Fruits – Ethylene gas a safe fruit ripener” (suggesting the Food Business Operators to follow the procedure for artificial ripening of fruits. This document outlines a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) incorporating all aspects of artificial ripening of fruits by ethylene gas viz. Restrictions, Requirements for Ethylene Ripening System/Chamber, handling conditions, Sources of Ethylene Gas, Protocol for application of Ethylene gas from various sources, post treatment operations, safety guidelines etc.

In case any use of Calcium Carbide or any wrong practice of using ripening agents for artificial ripening of fruits is noticed by the consumers, the same may be brought to the notice of concerned State Commissioners of Food Safety for taking action against such violators. The details of the Commissioners of Food Safety of all States/UTs are available on the link.