FSSAI Cracks Down on E-commerce Misleading Consumers with “Health Drink” Labels

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a clarification regarding the categorization of “Health Drinks” and “Energy Drinks” sold on e-commerce platforms. This advisory was published on April 3, 2024.

FSSAI discovered that certain e-commerce websites were mis-categorizing “Proprietary Food” products (like dairy or cereal-based beverage mixes) as “Health Drinks” or “Energy Drinks.”

The FSSAI has reiterated that the term “Energy Drink” can only be used for specific products licensed under specific FSS categories and meeting defined standards.

Additionally, “Health Drink” is not a recognized term under the FSS Act or its regulations.

FSSAI’s Directive:

  • E-commerce platforms must immediately remove or de-link these miscategorized beverages from the “Health Drink” and “Energy Drink” sections.
  • Products should be placed in appropriate categories as defined by existing food safety regulations.

This action promotes clarity and transparency for consumers. Consumers will have a better understanding of the nature and properties of the products they purchase. Misleading information that could influence buying decisions is minimized.